Photo Writing Prompt #1

Writing prompts are an invaluable tool for writers. They force us to write about unexpected things and in unexpected ways. It is for this reason that I want to share and work on writing prompts here on I will be sharing a number of different types of prompts on this blog, but I wanted to start with a photo prompt. Here is my first flash photo writing prompt for you.

The Prompt:

writing prompt

Things to think about:

  • choose your words wisely (100 words is super short!)
  • work toward getting a complete scene/story within the 100 words
  • if this picture inspires a longer tale in your mind go ahead and run with it, but not for this assignment (being strict this time can teach you about the power of editing and rewriting)
  • don’t forget that the POV (point of view) is up to you — be creative and have fun with it
  • if you wish to write more than one flash fiction story based on this picture go right ahead

Would You Like Me To Critique Your Story?

As an added twist, I will be selecting one short to critique on this blog next Wednesday, so if you are interested in getting a critique of your story this week, please enter this Rafflecopter giveaway before the end of this Sunday!


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