The Need To Read

Lately I have felt a nearly insatiable need to read. It started at the end of last year. 2015 was winding down and, as I am sure many people do, I was reflecting upon my accomplishments for the year. I had made headway in the revisions of my novel, I had run my first (and […]

Looking for Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert

This weekend I submitted my current creative issue to Elizabeth Gilbert in an application to be on this summer’s edition of her Magic Lessons podcast. I loved the topics she tackled last year, and have felt buoyed by all the advice she and her friends doled out. I knew I’d feel honored if I could […]

Constructing a Story from A to Z

This April I’m going to construct a story, sentence by sentence, right here on my blog using word prompts from a to z. I’ve been a big fan of the April’s A to Z Challenge for bloggers for years. It’s a fantastic way to test one’s blogging chops, get reconnected with fellow bloggers, and create […]

Project Dawn – Day 1

I call this “Day 1” of my Project Dawn, but, really, this is at least my fourth try at this experiment. What is Project Dawn? A desperate attempt to find the quiet time in my day to get some writing in – whether it is here on the blog, or devoting time to my fiction […]