Constructing a Story from A to Z – P is for Pencils

With P we leave the animal kingdom again with  ALPHABLOCK saying P is for pencils. Now that I have passed the half-way point of the the month (and this story) I decided to use this as an opportunity to start directing us toward an ending!

I reached a clearing, saw a volunteer with an orange vest and a pencil in hand, kneeling down beside a sobbing Dani.

Here’s our story (*under construction*) so far:

I saw an apple to my left and I wondered if Snow White could taste the danger in her fateful bite. The balloons that surrounded the entrance and the table of the carnival did nothing to relieve my feelings of other-worldliness. I carried my tray of cookies to the PTA’s donor table and tried to escape before Mrs. Jameson could spot me.

“No bye-bye dog!” my daughter cried.

“Dog is an elephant, baby,” I said, unable to ignore this teachable moment.Dani was only two years old and still had issues with the animal kingdom – frogs were fish, birds were “eh-planes,” cats were bears, and her beloved Dumbo stuffed animal was, of course, a dog. She let go of my hand and ran, screaming, toward the “garden of fears” assembled by the high school theater group. I felt the heartbeat hammer of panic as she disappeared through crowds of distracted teens. I plowed through after her feeling the cold shock of an ice cream shake bursting out of the its flimsy carnival cup, showering its owner and me. At once I was a frantic juggler palming the straw and lid, paper cup, gobs of chilly chocolate goo, and insincere apologies to the poor girl who I just trashed. A kite came out of the sky onto my head. I smelled the lemonade before it hit me. The moon-pie was the final straw.

I burst free of the crowd – a manic mother bird whose chick had fallen from her nest. I stretched out my mother’s intuition in all directions, like a mystical octopus with tentacles of Dani-sense probing the crowd-sea around me. I reached a clearing , saw a volunteer with an orange vest and a pencil in hand kneeling down beside a sobbing Dani.

If you are new to this blog, or finding this post disjointed from the rest of the challenge I have taken on this month, you may be (understandably) curious about what the heck I am doing here. The explanation of the challenge and the prompt I am using can be found in my theme reveal post. Check it out, and follow the links in that post to visit some other fascinating blogs that have taken on this month’s a to z challenge!


I welcome all kinds of constructive critique! Please keep in mind this is a first draft, so I’m looking for input as I will be jumping into edits and rewrites as soon as the month is through. If you want to wait until the end of the month to see the whole story before critiquing, that’s fine too.

Today’s sentence feels awkward to me. It’s very first-drafty. The punctuation or wording iff for me. HOw would you fix it?


8 thoughts on “Constructing a Story from A to Z – P is for Pencils

  1. I missed out on a few posts, dear 🙈
    So far, it’s amazing! Especially the scene in which the chilly chocolate goes flying on the mom! 😀
    What happened to Dani, I wonder? Did she get too scared? 😦


    1. Thank you so much. One of the things I like about doing this prompt this year is how it truly has forced my hand to work on some great imagery. I mean, what else was I to do with some of these words?
      Thanks for stopping by!


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