First Draft Fiction – Change the World

The following is a first draft of a short story written as part of the Story A Day May 2016 Challenge.

This is Story #5 for day 5 (being a l little late is turning into a habit here…).

In the comments below, please share your critique of the story. Also, let me know if this is a character/story you’d be interested in reading more about.


Every teacher dreams they will change the world. Richard Jenson, hish school English teacher in Williamston, did. He meddled with magics he didn’t understand and brought forth a new age of man.

“What superpower would you want, and, if granted it, what would you do with it?” He supplied his students with the enchanted paper and pencils made from wood of a tree that performed photosynthesis under moonlight. As the students filled the pages with their responses their bodies responded and, by the dawn of the next day, they were each imbued with powers they could hardly understand. It did not take long for them to realize Jenson was the father of their evolution. They returned to him for answers, with questions, and some wanted cures.

Not one was granted what they wished. Jenson had died in his sleep. His life was the price for the power. Or, to be clear, it was the first price. Richard Jenson changed the world with his assignment – he single-handedly brought on World War III and the destruction of industrial society.



I did not use either of the prompts from the Story a Day website tonight because I was super tired and not finding an entryway into either that would result in a short enough story for me. So, I picked up my pad (pictured above, next to my story) and challenged myself to write a story that would begin and end on the front of the page before me.



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