Revision Transformations

I joined Wattpad in April of 2013. I wasn’t sure what it was then, but I loved the community and the opportunity to read other budding writers. I shared early chapters of Girl Unplugged (my current WIP) when it was entitled Now What? and I couldn’t be more grateful to have those chapters there for me to reflect on. Reading them now, the flaws leap off the screen and tickle me straight into giggle fits over the certainty I had that my writing work was so near completion.

I’m having those feelings again (HA!), so I decided it was time to get a little reality check. I posted Chapter 1 of Girl Unplugged on Wattpad, alongside Now What? for two reasons. First of all, because I am proud of it. I am proud of a lot of the beginning of Girl Unplugged now, so I’d like some of the world to see it. Secondly, I am sharing this specifically on Wattpad in order to offer fellow writers (specifically newer writers) a glimpse into how much a story transforms from one draft to the next. As a beginning writer I knew, of course, that revision was an important step in my writing, but I had no clue how transformative revision actually was. I’m not sure anyone can truly understand this concept until something they created goes through the process. However, to give you a tiny idea of what can happen, I invite you to check out my Wattpad page. If you can’t make it all the way through the reading of the Now What? chapter — no worries, I get it, it needed work. But please let me know what you think of Girl Unplugged.

Happy reading!

For the comments section:
Are you on Wattpad, or any other website where you share your writing with a community? What has been your experience with it?

What has been one of your most dramatic changes between drafts of stories?


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