I set a goal: finish the rewrite of my novel in July. I completed that goal. I still can’t believe it. I had to work on over 24,000 words in one day to make sure it happened by the end of July 31st, but something about that goal seemed really important, as if letting it go one extra day would unravel all possible future potential for my success. That’s a ridiculous way to think, I know that, but I have way too much experience with “almost done in time” to allow myself these flexibilities anymore. I must be true to my word, especially my word to myself.

It is now time to work toward the second goal I have set for myself, the one that prompted July’s activities, the goal that has been an “almost done” for far too long. I must begin querying my book this year. I am past (passed? — someone help me with this one! passed vs. past in the comments please! I can not get this rule in my head!!) the halfway mark of the year, so the time has come to get to the work of deciding who will get the honor of the first introductions to my work.

I was ecstatic to find that the three agents who expressed interest in my PitchWars 2016 pitch are still in the same positions in the same agencies as they were when they reached out to me. I am hoping their interests have stayed where they were too! All of this is happening in conjunction with many projects at home that are also getting chiseled away, so I can’t help but feel like my stars are aligned in a way they haven’t been in a very, very long time.

Before I left Barnes & Noble on the last day of my rewrite, I rewarded myself for finishing my (final?) draft with a purchase of the 2018 Writer’s Market. I am ready to dive in. I am ready to start working on my query letter again. I am ready to be rejected, or accepted, or whatever. I am just ready to take some action and get results!

Wish me luck!

…also, don’t forget to help me out with the passed vs. past thing. I know it is simple, but every time I am typing away my fingers and my brain can’t get it together to decide which way to go to say exactly what I want to say in print! (Do you have a word war like this? Is it the infamous effect vs. affect? than vs. then? which vs. that? The list goes on! I thought I finally conquered them all!)


One thought on “Goals

  1. One way to remember it would be that ‘passed’ is a verb. You aren’t a verb. 🙂

    Congratulations on meeting your goal and moving forward to the next phase! I’m writing queries all this month and researching agents, too. I keep reading August is a bad time to query, so that gives me permission to take my time and try to work out the kinks ahead of time. If you want to commiserate about hunting agents, hit me up.


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