Thank You 2018

2018, Thank you So we all know that this life is full of peaks and valleys. We have our ups, downs, plateaus… it’s a crazy adventure. What I realized is, in an effort to stay unshaken on this ride I have been missing half the trip. A long, long time ago, I became a constant […]

#FlashFiction – How To Run While Falling

“Listen to the goat,” Valerie said, “it will change your life.” In middle school it was fun to be best friends with the astrology expert. By the end of seventh grade Valerie had done the charts of every girl in our class. She had even predicted more than half of our dates to the eighth […]

Constructing a Story from A to Z – O is for Octopus

Nothing like the appearance of a nautical creature to help me stretch my imagination! ALPHABLOCK says O is for octopus. Here’s what I did with that prompt: I stretched out my mother’s intuition in all directions, like a mystical octopus with tentacles of Dani-sense probing the crowd-sea around me. Here’s our story (*under construction*) so […]