#FlashFiction: After the Rain

  The rain stops, I wait for the song. It’s around noon, so there’s a chance it’s coming no matter what Mama says. She doesn’t believe in the music, but she can’t hear the way I do, just like I can’t see the way she does. She’ll be coming any minute to say we need […]

First Draft Fiction – Change the World

The following is a first draft of a short story written as part of the Story A Day May 2016 Challenge. This is Story #5 for day 5 (being a l little late is turning into a habit here…). In the comments below, please share your critique of the story. Also, let me know if […]

Photo Writing Prompt #1

Writing prompts are an invaluable tool for writers. They force us to write about unexpected things and in unexpected ways. It is for this reason that I want to share and work on writing prompts here on nvrivera.wordpress.com. I will be sharing a number of different types of prompts on this blog, but I wanted […]